Tips for Staging & Presenting Your Home For Sale:

√ Curb Appeal is a buyer’s first impression. Cut and trim the lawn. Get your landscaping in top condition.

√ Repair Screens & windows so they show and work properly.

√ Paint any part of the house that may need it.

√ Clean carpets and repair or replace if necessary.

√ Fix the plumbing (Leaky faucets).

√ Make rooms appear larger by storing or removing excess furniture.

√ Organize closets to show off storage space.

√ Garage and storage areas should be clean and neat.

√ Show off every room to the best advantage, including attic and all storage space.

√ Keep stairways clear of all objects.

√ Remove excess from kitchen cabinets to show spaciousness.

√ Please cook with spotless, uncluttered kitchen.

√ Appliances should be clean & in good working condition.

√ Avoid cooking that may result in odors potentially offensive to buyers. Use an air freshener, if appropriate. You may want to boil cinnamon & vanilla for a pleasant aroma.

√ Let the sun shine in! Open drapes or turn on lights, most buyers like an open, airy, bright home.

√ Turn off the radio and TV when your home is being shown.

√ Keep all pets and children out of the way during showings.

√ Remove and replace any items that have personal attachment.

√ Never discuss furniture or furnishings with prospect before they have contracted to purchase your home. It often confuses the process for those involved.

√ Do not discuss price, terms, possession or other factors with people viewing your home with or with their showing REALTOR®.

√ Please do not tag along with the prospect and the REALTOR®. If possible, leave the house during showings. Buyers must feel free to discuss your home with the showing agent. Remember, the REALTOR® knows the buyers, the buyer’s requirements, how to overcome objections, and how to turn them on to the advantages of
buying your home.